Sergio Carrer

About the Artist

He is best known as the Producer, Song Writer, Musician and Musical Arranger of Sandy and Junior`s albums since 1989, and as the producer composer and conductor of the song “Vamos Construir”,(Crianca Esperanca, Theme, Globo TV , Brazil). Produced, Directed and Composed (song and video) of 2 Paralympics Games themes (Sidney 2000 and Athens 2004), wrote more than 40 number ones Hits over his career. Produced many of most famous artists in Brazil and with Tony Brown, produced Reba McEntire with Brazilian Famous duet Chitaozinho e Xororo, (Brazilian Country Music, Sertanejo). Produced for all Major Labels, Universal Music, Sony Music, BMG, EMI, Warner Music, Abril Music, and more. Almost 2 decades as an Exclusive Writer/Composer on Universal Publishing.
1965, his first performance (Methodist University, S.Paulo, Brazil). That same year, he became an artist and multiple instrument player and singer, performing in Schools, Theaters and local Shows. In 1974 Sergio and his friends Roberto Gomes and Naka, formed SN&B Country, the first Country performers and introducers of the American Country Music style in Brazil.
March 27, 1979 Formed The Ugly and Bad country music duet, with his friend and partner Celso Lourenco, six months later played in Branding Iron Night Club Bar in Zephyrhills, Florida, US. He learned Banjo, Mandolin and fiddle. Returned to Brazil and introduced high tech in his shows and become one of the most important entertainer name on Brazil`s Night Shows.
Until today he is one of most highly rated producers and composers in the history of Brazil.

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