Sergio Carrer


Here you can see most of his lifetime works
  Reba Mcentire
1999 produces Reba Mcentire together with Chitãozinho e Xororó in Los Angeles and Nashville - USA.
  Sandy e Junior

1999 produces, composes, plays and arranges the recordings of Sandy e Junior, Chitãozinho e Xororó and others artists. He reaches his most outstanding success with the record Quatro Estações (Four Seasons).

  Paralympic Games Sydney 2000 - Brazilian Theme

2000 Composes the song "Campeão" (Champion) for Sidney Paralympics and travels to Australia by invitation of the paralympic committee.

Balão Mágico

2002 produces Balão Mágico, galera do balão together with Zeze di Camargo e Luciano, Kelly key, Castrinho. 
It´s a golden disc winner, with 100.000 copies.

Pedro e Thiago

2003 produces Pedro e Thiago selling 500.000 copies.

Gian e Giovanni

2004 produces Gian e Giovanni.

Athens Paralympic Games 2004 - Brazilian Theme

2004 composes and produces his second Paralympic anthem for Athens (Greece), singing along with Yasmin.


Record Network TV

2005 records several musics of all kind of stories for Record Network Television (Rede Record de Televisão).


2005 writes novels and movies. Composes and produces several independent artists.
  Elba Ramalho

2006 Elba Ramalho records one of Feio´s songs which becomes the main theme for a Record TV novel "Marcas da Paixão".
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